Unlocking: the vision

Research and evidence in education is an important and yet contentious matter.  Everyone who has been to school has an opinion about what works and what does not work in schools.  In 1981, Laurence Stenhouse, educationalist and visionary, is said to have said that teachers will change the world of the school by understanding it.

The vision for the Unlocking Research series is to offer support and ideas for students and practising teachers and school leaders by further enriching their knowledge of research and showcase its application in primary school contexts. Packed with imaginative ideas and practical suggestions, the series aims to empower teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders to take research-informed and principled approaches to making necessary changes in schools so that teaching and learning ignites the social imagination for 21 st century educators and learners.

Each chapter is co-authored with academic and teacher-practitioner contributing to chapters in thematically organised series of book; together bridging the often challenging space between academia and primary school practice. Many academic works are profound and have relevance for teachers but they are often difficult to translate into practical contexts in the realtities of classrooms. The series bridges this gap but its primary purpose is to unlock new opportunities to explore hopeful, diverse and imaginative possibilities for primary education and to be used to start conversations in the various and unique primary schools in the United Kingdom and beyond.The website provides an additional resource to the books, with downloadable resources, additional information and videos from contributing authors.

Series Editors

James Biddulph

Headteacher, University of Cambridge Primary School

Dr James Biddulph is the headteacher of the first and only University Training School for Primary Education in the UK. His research interests include developing curricula that inspire understanding about diversities and creativities in education.

Julia Flutter

Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Julia Flutter works as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on collaborative approaches to improving classroom teaching.